20 years ago, we were still young and didn't have the money to buy an aluminum extrusion machine. We just borrowed money to buy equipment when we started, and two machines we started for business. Someone suggested to me that bought one aluminum extrusions machine. I said that according to Chinese customs: good things are double, so I insist on purchasing two aluminum extrusions machines. This is the biggest expense of the factory, accounting for 60% of all established factories. Later,we want to keep some money for capital turnover,bought aluminum ingots, factory operating expenses, labor wages, etc. At that time, we didn't have many orders. I remember that the first order was 2 million doors and aluminum window doors,we had not more profits from first order, but this is good sign for factory, it took only 2 months from opening to taking orders. I remember that the whole factory staff (50 people) were eating together to celebrate for this. Therefore, we have made a budget for our finances. If we push at this speed, we can buy another aluminum extrusions machine at the end of the year.Thank goodness,all the business of the factory has been going smoothly. We didn’t get much profit at the end of the year. In this way, we have been moving for 5 years, because our money is all invested in expanding equipment, including raw material reserves, preparation for the establishment of oxidation plant (today our own oxidation workplace) polishing machine, grinding machine, aluminum extrusions machines, domestic sales team, Export sales team, workers, all the money invested in the entire plant operation project, we also have pressure in the past few years, the first is that our production capacity does not match with current order, that is, the order exceeds our production capacity, we are afraid losing control, unable to deliver to domestic and foreign customers on time, losing credibility. The second is that we are afraid of the fluctuation of the aluminum price market and cause losses to our raw material procurement costs.

  We would like to thank all the domestic customer groups for supporting us all these years. From the first product we made: wardrobe sliding door, aluminum swing door, simple door and aluminum window door, the domestic customer group has given us great support. At present, our domestic sales account for the whole company. 65-67%, a large number of customer groups are aluminum doors and windows, sliding wardrobe doors, aluminium kitchen cabinet doors, office partitions, aluminium photo frame products,aluminium LED profiles, advertising light profiles, awning profiles, and some deep-processed products,OFCS.

  We also want to thank all the export department employees and foreign customers. You are selling our products to the global market. We have more than 30 countries in the current market and we have business dealings with us, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, of course We still have a lot of customers who also maintain good business relations with us. Most of our exported products also have several sections, doors and windows, sliding mirror closet doors, glass kitchen cabinets, LED profiles,aluminium window shades, aluminium floor vent covers,aluminum decorative materials, etc. Including samples and drawings client gave to us, we don't really know where these products are used, but customers believe that we have the ability to make every order, thank you for your trust and support! we want to wait until one day for foreign customers to have dinner with us in China, because some customers have never seen each other since they started doing business with us, just use email for communication,but this relationship has always been good, such as Canada, Ireland, Poland, Argentina, the idea of getting together in China should be realized.
Recently, Trade war between China and the United States. There is no doubt that the US market is the main position of any product. We are not afraid of the trade war. We still have many countries in the world that need high-quality aluminum profile suppliers. At present, we have several major categories of product customers in the United States, sliding bedroom doors, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, office partitions, outdoor aluminum, and so on. Of course, there are some other potential customers who are slowly growing up. Thank you for your supporting to BOKEA EXTRUSIONS, although the general trend is not good, but we will face all this, and have confidence in the opposite, we think this unfavorable trade situation will pass in the future, the global economy is not control by Trump Team.
  Today,BOKEA EXTRUSIONS has more than 400 peoples, an aluminium extrusion factory (6 aluminium extrusions machines), an oxidation plant (five oxidation tanks, two polishing machines, one spraying line, two sanding machines). I would like to thank all of them here. BOKEA EXTRUSIONS employees and domestic and foreign customers, because of your efforts, have created the glory of BOKEA EXTRUSIONS today! From our first day, BOKEA EXTRUSIONS has always maintained innovation, mutual benefit, equality and friendly attitude. The best way to be grateful is that continue to work hard and cheer! We must do work hard to make products and treat every customer with care!
  Grateful for all the understanding, trust, encouragement and support that we give us! Thank you everyone! Thank you!

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